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Kira Nicole Photography Mentoring

Kira Nicole Photography offers mentoring for other photographers.


I believe that everyone is born to bloom

We all have potential to be and do something special and I want to help you reach that potential

I graduated with a degree in education from Towson University, and taught for two years, before leaving the school system to stay at home with my nieces. While I don’t miss the politics that comes with working in the public school system, I miss my students. I miss investing in their lives, encouraging them, and seeing them grow. I miss the twinkle in their eye when they overcame an obstacle to learn something new. I want to experience that again and am so excited to have that opportunity through my photography business.


My little business started on a free website, with a stock layout, and some not so good images if I can be honest. But after years of training, mentoring, and perseverance, I have now been featured on many of the local wedding blogs (United With Love, Bayside Bride, Charm City Wed) and am booking my dream clients in my ideal price range. I guess my website has improved a little too :) Teaching and encouraging brings me a lot of joy. I would love to get to know you and see what makes you unique. During our time together I can offer you tips and insight that will help your business continue to flourish. I believe that being honest with ourselves, and always striving to become something better, helps us reach our full potential.  We were born to bloom!

Mentoring Details

  • 2 hours of one-on-one time to identify and improve areas of growth
  • An in depth review of website and social media platforms 
  • Updated headshot
  • A 6 month Skype or coffee date to follow up on your goals. Also, to celebrate your growth!

Born to Bloom Mentoring

Investment $450

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