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Meet Kelsey


Associate Photographer; specializing in weddings and families

Kelsey Marden

Cool Tidbits

  • The name 'Kelsey' means brave. I had to have a lot of bravery when going through neck surgery to resolve  chronic fatigue syndrome. I try to face each day with a healthy dose of bravery! 

  • Unlike Kira I have no tattoos. BUT I did have my nose pierced once! My parents hated it (scandalous)

I Believe

Photography has been in my vocabulary since I was a child, but it wasn't until my recent return to college that I started taking it more seriously. After experimenting with several types of photography, I started to realize how much I love photographing people. There is just something about capturing those special moments between friends, families, and loved ones that brings so much joy to my heart. Growing up with parents who have shown such love to each other and their kids has taught me the importance of marriage and family. Because of this understanding, my hope is to capture images that aren't just beautiful, but are moments that couples and families can reflect back on to be inspired for a lifetime of love and happiness.

What I Love

  • Horseback riding: Horses have been an obsession of mine ever since I was a baby. Whenever I need a stress release, you can find me on a horse. Riding seems to always clear my head and lighten my heart.

  •  Writing: I know, I know…it’s not for everyone, but crafting sentences and piecing together paragraphs makes me so happy! It’s almost like putting together a puzzle. I’ve always gravitated towards my English classes for the creative writing aspect along with analyzing books, which brings me to my next passion…

  • Reading! I love a good book. Really anywhere from youth literature to pop psychology. My favorite authors include Malcolm Gladwell, Laura Hillenbrand, and Donald Miller.

  • Coffee Shops: I’m always up for venturing to find a new coffee shop with a cozy atmosphere. Living near Baltimore, there are a ton to discover! I find it’s more fun to get to crackin’ on editing or schoolwork at of my favorite coffee shop’s, The Daily Grind.

  • Growing in God’s Word: As a woman of faith, nothing re-energizes my spirit and centers me like spending time with God and understanding His character. I love to journal during this time, practice hand lettering scripture, and I recently discovered She Reads Truth, which I am now addicted to!

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