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Maura & Steve // Linganore Winery Wedding

Maura & Steve's fall-inspired, Linganore Winery wedding is one I don't think I'll ever forget. An outdoor, rustic-style vinyard; maroon with pops of yellow sunflowers; and bridesmaid that looked oh so familiar. When you know half the people attending the wedding, it makes for a pretty memorable one, but watching Kira run around in her bridesmaids dress with her camera wrapped around her wrist was quite a sighting!

We've both gotten to know Maura & Steve through a church small group and it has been so cool to see their relationship bud and bloom (nice use of the Kira Nicole Photography branding phrases, huh?). Both are such sweet, genuine people and these traits were really evident throughout the entire day.

For starters, the gifts Steve gave Maura were priceless. My favorite? Steve recorded himself signing love messages to Maura and sent the video to her via iPhone. Apparently there was some inside joke about this early on in their relationship. Maura was telling Steve how she loved deaf studies and he hysterically responded by lifting his hand to his ear and tilting his head forwarded while shouting: "What?!" Watching her respond with fits of laughter and also tears while staring at the screen was so precious! 

The incidents of adorable tear-shedding didn't end there. I'll never forget Steve's face as Maura walked down the aisle. Mostly because it emphasized a very true point to me. Even if you have a first look between you and your fiance before this epic moment, it doesn't take away the specialness of it. Steve was totally together as we took first-look bride & groom portraits, but the second Maura started down the aisle Steve lost it! That moment is everything to a groom.

This will be a fun wedding to blog because you, as the viewer, get to play a little game I will deem "Where's Kira?!" Seriously... I may have done a little overkill with the Kira sightings. Also, keep your eye out for the groomsmen portraits. Everyone probably knows by now how much I love doing groomsmen portraits, but I particularly enjoy when they get creative with it. These guys decided to do their walking pictures while stripping off their jackets and loosening their ties #classy.


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