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Brooke & Ethan // Hershey Pennsylvania Wedding

It felt a little like déjà vu as I drove past the "Welcome to Hershey" sign crossing into chocolate territory. I was so excited to be greeted by the same family I saw almost a year ago for Kaitlyn & Tyler's wedding. The day sort of marked a moment for me as my first time stepping out from Kira to shoot a wedding on my own! I was so incredibly grateful to have connected with Brooke, Kate's sister, the summer after I shot Kate's wedding to discuss shooting her and Ethan's. The day had finally arrived!

Brooke seemed so at peace while she patiently sat at the salon as her stylist worked her magic with bobby pins and hairspray. Most people tell brides that they seem to be handling the stress of the day well as more of an encouragement rather than an actual fact, but Brooke really did! I'm sure the mimosa's in the adorably decorated wine glasses from the salon helped a bit ;) Her calmness was also clearly evident while she proceeded to do her sister's and mom's makeup after finishing her own (Brooke, you can do my makeup ANY DAY).

Ethan looked at ease as well, although the excitement was clearly detected on his face. I think I can probably say that he has been one of the most enthused grooms when it comes to pictures. For their engagement session, I was delighted that Ethan felt the need to contact me separately after the session to tell me how much he enjoyed their pictures. I don't think I've ever had a groom do that! And on the big day, he was such a help gathering his groomsmen for staged getting ready pictures.

Together, this couple can easily go down as one of the most genuine, caring, and fun. They are just always so considerate in extending food, lodgings, basically anything they perceive I may want/need even though I'M supposed to be the one serving THEM! I could not have asked for a more pleasant bunch to work with including their incredible families.

The wedding day flew by as all wedding days seem to do, but what I can tell you is that there was lots of laughter, sweetly shared moments, and photo ops that had me drooling (the stunning architecture of the Pennsylvania State Capitol!). The day ended in the elevator of the Hilton Harrisburg Hotel as the doors closed on Brooke & Ethan sharing their final kiss of the day.

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