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Kira & Cameron // Baltimore Maternity Session

You guys. I am so excited to share these with you! What a blessing to not only have ONE, but TWO, chickas that know how to take beautiful pictures! I am so thankful for Kelsey & Kait making my maternity pictures come to life. And my friend Jess did a great job making me hair and makeup look great! I loved it. This weather has been so shady lately, so it was rainy and humid on the day we took these, but I still LOVE the way they turned out. We had a deer sighting, climbed through some thicket weeds, and perhaps by favorite part.. my husband saying "get the pullies, time to get Kira up from the blanket!" Thanks for that hun ;) Anyways, I'll stop blabbering and let the pictures speak for themselves! If you are wondering what the "c" stands for, it stands for our little girls name.. Callie Jane Rogers. Can't wait to kiss her to death at the end of August/early September/whenever she feels like showing up! THANK YOU SO much Kelsey & Kaitlin for doing such a fabulous job!