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Mehari Blanket // WWLW

Here's another little secret about me. I LOVE blankets. Seriously, I'm obsessed! Blankets, quilts, comforters... if it's cozy and cute I want it! At the moment I'm probably hoarding about 10 of them (is there a name for this problem?).

So I was pretty stoked to find an indoor/outdoor blanket that also gives back. Here's a little backstory though first. My long-time friend, Meghan, lives in Nashville and I try to visit her once a year if I can. Whenever I go, we always try to make it into this cute little town called Franklin (also in love with small towns!) and stop into this store called Philanthropy.

Philanthropy is one of the coolest stores you could probably ever shop at. Think anthropology with an extremely philanthropic perspective. Their business is grounded in the Christian faith and strives to give back. Every purchase you make at that store, the store pledges 10% to designated causes.

Not only that, but they also carry philanthropic fashion brands that help create sustainable business in developing countries. That's where the Mehari blanket comes in!



This is one of my favorite brands at Philanthropy and I always try to buy a scarf or something of theirs each time I go into Philanthropy. fashionABLE's stuff is not only so cool looking, but the company's goal is to create sustainable business in Africa!

How? fashionABLE works with women to help them start small businesses and they also partner with and require manufacturers to employ these women with fair wages and fair hiring practices.

fashionABLE also partners with organizations that help women at risk by funding the training for women to become employed and then sells the products made by these women's small businesses that they help start!

Each handmade product that fashionABLE sells is named after one of heroic women that crafted it.

So who is...



This is Mehari's story:

“I am a single mother to 2 kids: a 17 year old girl and an 11 year old boy. I’ve been working in the coloring department for 8 years at Trio Craft. Before this job, I did not have a sustainable income and couldn’t provide for my family. This job has changed my life, and Trio Craft is more like a family than an employer. My boy has special needs, and it is because of this job that I am able to support both him and my daughter, and send them to school.”

In buying one of Mehari's beautiful blankets, I am not only about to support her, but also her family. What more could you want in a blanket?!

Keep an eye out for this beaut because I guarantee you it will pop up in many of our summer shoots!

And don't forget to purchase your Mehari blanket here :)

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