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Ellie's Trip to the Windy City // Personal Post

It was the summer of 2013 and our dear friend Billy was getting married. His wedding was going to be in Chicago so naturally my roommate Sarah, Ellie, and I decided it was better to spend 15 hours in the car together rather than a quick plane ride. Worth it!

Ellie had been MIA for a little while at this point. Her rebellious streak turned into a soul searching streak and she went off the grid for awhile. Too bad her newfound self didn't last too long on this trip...


The trip started off smoothly. Lots of singing and laughing which is always the case whenever you're with Sarah.

Ellie got pretty crunk at one point... She loves her crunk.

Anyway, the trip to Chicago was great. We stopped off to see a big waterfall and a couple get engaged in front of it, we shrieked "Ralphie!" when we saw the Christmas Story house, found a cute little tea place for our lunch stop that was closed and were then directed to a random barn for food... Typical road trip stuff!

Then there was the trip home...

It all started because we were kicked out of our hotel room when Ellie went on her peanut rampage again (we really need to carry more peanuts with us), and driving all the way back to Baltimore was not an option (did it once, and that was enough). So naturally Sarah and I decided to make phone calls to random people that we didn't know to see if we could find a place to couch surf.

We had a taker! Our dear friend Liz's then boyfriend (now fiance), Kyle, whom we never met before, had family that lived in Ohio exactly halfway! Of course Kyle wasn't there when we went, just his family whom we had no connection with either than being the friends of their son's girlfriend, but they were generous enough to open their house to us!

We were pretty tuckered out so as soon as they offered us a room we went straight to bed! We had the privilege of staying in Kyle's older brother's room and his pilot monkey was kind enough to give us a quick tour before heading to bed. Unfortunately as soon as our backs were turned, Ellie had something different in mind...

REBEL CHILD! We couldn't believe it. We should have seen it coming from the monkey's smooth talk and hip leather jacket. This monkey wasn't a pilot; he was a con-artist! We snatched Ellie away from him as fast as we could. We didn't take an eye off of her for the rest of the night.

The next day was a rough one. Ellie had a tough time saying goodbye. She insisted that her and monkey's love was a forbidden one and that she would never forgive us for denying her that love. We gave her a bag of peanuts and she was fine.

The last part of the trip was a proud moment for Ellie. Sarah and I could barely keep our eyes open from the lack of sleep and long drive, so Ellie decided to let her sympathetic side out for once.

She didn't technically have her license yet, I mean she was only 2 at this point, but she had been practicing in our driveway and--like I said--we could barely keep our eyes open. So Ellie took the wheel and we let our eyes close for the rest of the trip... well except for a couple close calls.

It was a memorable trip for way more reasons than one. I got to see my high school friend get married, celebrate with some sweet friends, and explore the "Windy City" #weownchicago (by the way we started this hashtag!).

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