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Chesapeake Collection // WWLW

If you live on the East Coast or have at least traveled to some of these nautical areas, you most likely have come across the peppy skipjack of Southern Tide or the smiling whale of Vineyard Vines. These logos have dotted areas up and down our Coast and have represented the proud residents of the south and also the north in Connecticut.

But what about our nautical neighbors who are smack in the middle?

Living in Baltimore and just under an hour from Annapolis, I'd say the people of this area are pretty dang proud to be living here and are passionate about many of the bayside activities that come with living near the Chesapeake Bay.

So why don't we have a brand that represents us?

Oh, we do now.


Chesapeake Collection

Young like Southern Tide founder, Allen Stephenson, and passionate about their community like Vineyard Vines founders, Shep and Ian Murray, Matt Wilmer and his buddy, Kevin Ames, set out to create a brand that represents The Bay. The Chesapeake Collection brand was formed!

Matt is actually a friend of mine and fellow Young Life College leader and it has been so exciting to hear the process of creating this t-shirt company. His mind has been mulling over the creation of the Chesapeake brand for years, but he and Kevin actually began putting it in the works just this past year.

Everything about it screams Chesapeake. For one, just look at the logo of the brand. There isn't a more perfect sea specimen to represent The Bay for us than the Maryland blue crab.

I wouldn't go as far as saying that this crustacean is a delicacy only because it involves sitting at a newspaper-covered picnic table, smacking them with a hammer, picking their meat out with a knife, and eating them with your hands, but they sure are delicious and delving into them is a common activity during our Baltimore summers that brings friends and families together.

And if you don't know how to crack a crab open... Don't worry, we'll teach you but not without some smirks and chuckles first.

 Even the colors of the t-shirts represent our Chesapeake Bay: Shellfish Pink, Mackerel Mint, and Susquehanna Blue. Not only do they make for cool names, but each color specification is actually named after common elements of The Bay!

Matt and Kevin had the brand and the product. Next they just needed to get it out there.


Towson Town Festival

So Matt and Kevin set up a tent (I may be biased, but it was the best looking tent there) and some barrels of t-shirts at our local Towson Town Festival to see who they could catch with their crabby t-shirts.

And they caught a lot!

I made my way over the first day they were there and I was so excited to see all of the attention they were getting let alone seeing their t-shirts for the first time.

It was so neat to see the community coming together to make this happen. Family and friends gathered under the tent that day to roll Chesapeake Collection t-shirts and serve customers with sales.

One of my best friends, Emily, has been helping them with their digital marketing to get the word out on this Bayside Brand. Make sure to follow Chesapeake Collection on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

And I am thrilled to be helping them out with the photography side of things capturing parts of their journey and the spirit of The Bay. Keep an eye out for how I #wearthebay!

Want to #wearthebay? Order a t-shirt through their site by clicking here or find their tent at the Preakness Hot Air Balloon Festival

And know that when you #wearthebay you #savethebay. Chesapeake Collection will be making annual donations to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to save what inspired them to start this brand to begin with.

So... How will you #wearthebay? 

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