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She Reads Truth // WWLW

Image taken from the She Reads Truth smartphone app.

Image taken from the She Reads Truth smartphone app.

Let me just first say that I LOVE Beth Moore's bible study plans and I wish I could do them all of the time, BUT I find the hour or so I spend on them a day hard to keep up with as a student, Young Life leader, blogger, and photo editor (this fun part of the aftermath of a session takes 6-8 hours of my life!). As a girl with a busy schedule and a LOT of roommates, the time I spend in God's word is typically in random locations and at varying hours of the day: sitting in the car before class, at 1 a.m. in the morning after I've finished a paper, or laying in bed when I first wake up and don't want to move.

Sure, there's a ton of bible apps out there, but I really enjoy a structured reading plan with a devotional to go along with it. And I NEED something portable! That's where She Reads Truth comes in.


She Reads Truth

She Reads Truth was founded by a group of women in love with Jesus who wanted to create a community of God-seeking girls from around the world through technology and help them experience the changing abilities of the bible through reading plans and devotionals. The women that contribute to the makings of this site and app are writers, theologians, designers, and photographers, all things I am passionate about and inspired by.

What better way to incorporate these passions than by using them to help others discover God's word? Seriously... their stuff is gorgeous! Being in a writing for the web class has opened my eyes and caused me to appreciated beautiful sites and well-written blogs. 

So let me give a little breakdown of their website and app...


The Site

Click on the link above to the site and you will be greeted by something stunning. The She Reads Truth website is clean, simple, and pleasing to the eye. Just take a look at their homepage...

Screenshot taken from the She Reads Truth homepage of website.

Screenshot taken from the She Reads Truth homepage of website.

Drooling yet? Their graphics and layouts are truly candy to my eyes! I love everything about the look of their site and honestly it's partly what inspires me to read their plans! Their bible reading plans are structured with either themes that can be found in the bible or the books of the bible themselves and have devotionals that are posted each day to go along with them.

The posts are just as clean and simple as the site. Each one lists your reading for the day and then moves on to a blog post that can be read within a few minutes; just the right amount of time for me to sit and be quiet in my car before the chaos of my day begins!

The writing itself is wonderful. The writers do an excellent job of writing in a conversational way that engages readers through personal stories and revelations of God's word. They also organize their content well with what us writing for the web students like to call a bite, snack, and meal. Basically they incorporate headings, descriptions, and short paragraphs to help the readers digest their content.

Here's a snippet of one of their posts...

Screenshot taken from the She Reads Truth website:  Esther Study .

Screenshot taken from the She Reads Truth website: Esther Study.

Isn't it beautiful?! You can also comment at the bottom of each devotional. Since She Reads Truth's mission is to create a community online, this feature helps women connect and delve into God's word together.

Have I pulled you in yet?! If not then maybe the app is more your style...


The App

On the go? Crunched for time? The She Reads Truth app might be what you need.

The app has several features that can be used whenever, wherever and at your convenience. First, I love that they have the actual bible incorporated into it so that you don't have to fuss around your phone to do your readings to then have to come back to the app for the devotional. It's ALL there. Isn't that great? You can even bookmark things that have hit you in a special way as you're reading and come back to them later in the bookmarks section.

All of their plans are available as well. You can browse through them, preview them, and purchase the ones you want. That is the only set back with the app: you have to purchase the plans instead of getting them for free on the site. The money goes towards supporting She Reads Truth though and helping them continue to keep things running.

The plans on the app actually have the entire scripture reading on the first page for each day which is great. Swipe your finger to the right and you'll find the devotional--the same one posted on the website. Swipe your finger one more time to the right and find the comments section to connect with women reading the same plan as you.

Perhaps one of my favorite features of the app is the free lock screens. That probably sounds terrible, but just listen... These lock screens are created by very talented graphic designers and use verses intended for memorization. For me, these lock screens are a source of encouragement. Each time I look at my phone, I see one of many options of verses that resonates with me or causes me to reflect.

Want to see one of my current favorites?

Lockscreen featured from She Reads Truth

Lockscreen featured from She Reads Truth

The Result

If you're on the lookout for a new devotional, a new bible reading plan, or just something for a source of inspiration, check out this site. I find She Reads Truth helps me get into God's word on a daily basis and reflect on it with their everyday posts.

Since the posts are not super long and in-depth, I would recommend other study materials to really dive deep into God's word, but I love She Reads Truth for it's ability to get me reading daily and connected with the thousands of other women (155k on Instagram to be exact)!

Make sure to follow them on Instagram: @shereadstruth and check out their hashtag: #shereadstruth.


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