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Warby Parker: Glasses That Give // WWLW


Today, for What We Love Wednesday, I'd love to talk about something that is near and dear to my heart...and my face: Warby Parker glasses.

I am obsessed with glasses. I would have ten pairs if I could! But for so long I was on the hunt for some bigger frames that still fit my narrow face. That's where Warby comes in.


5 days. 5 pairs. 100% free.

Did that grab your attention? Well that's the beauty of the home try-on with Warby Parker! You pick whatever frames your little heart desires and they send them on over to you. And let me tell you, they have OPTIONS!

Once you get them, do whatever you want with them. I would wear my favorites around and see what reactions I would get from people! And if you want, once you return your 5 frames you can order another 5! FOR FREE!

I think I did at least 3 home try-ons before picking my pair (thanks for your patience Warby), but it was worth it! My Warby Parker's have transformed my social life. I am now the hippest gal in Baltimore City! (joking, but sometimes I imagine I am when I'm wearing them)

The home-try on isn't even the best part. They are also REALLY cheap. Warby Parker has done us a favor by eliminating the middle man and making their frames in-house then selling them directly to us. That includes your prescription (you heard me).

The price? I got mine for only $95 and that's a HECK of a lot better than the $200-$400 average for prescriptions glasses from other retailers. But SETTLE DOWN!

That still isn't even the best part...


"Everyone has the right to see."

This phrase is what Warby Parker believes in.

They didn’t just stop at rescuing our wallets from overpriced spectacles, but recognized a bigger problem happening in the world today: 15% of our world’s population cannot see effectively enough for their day-to-day lives.

On top of that 703 million people do not have access to eyewear and 90% of people with vision impairment live in the developing world, according to VisionSpring, a non-profit that partners with Warby Parker.

This is definitely a problem. Take a moment to think about it. If you are someone who wears glasses, take them off and try to work. If you don’t wear glasses, well, just try tugging on your eyes and disfiguring them in a way until your vision is impaired. Tough, isn’t it?

Even for me not wearing my glasses or contacts just typing this blog post has me squinting, slow, and sad. I can’t imagine if I were myopic and had a detail-oriented job where I needed to see close up. 

So in efforts to combat this issue, Warby Parker has partnered with humanitarian organizations such as VisionSpring that trains those in third world countries to give eye exams and sell glasses in their communities.


How do they do it?

Warby Parker takes what they make from selling their glasses, and gives each month to their nonprofit partners like VisionSpring. The nonprofits then do their thing to restore sight to those 90% in developing countries.

But why don’t they just donate their fashionable frames?

Well, it’s a nice thought, but unfortunately isn’t the best for the world. The better way to help in most organizations is to focus on creating sustainability instead of putting a bandaid on the issue by donating. Donating can often “contribute to a culture of dependency and is rarely sustainable” according to Warby Parker which is why they partner with organizations like VisionSpring.


Hitting Your Heart?

Then do yourself and these 703 million people in the world a favor: BUY A PAIR! Maybe even two! Fashion forward, socially conscious, and cheap? What's stopping you?