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Everyone Hand Sanitizer // WWLW

I have a confession to make. It's my dirty little secret. Or should I say clean? I am a germaphobe.


The Germaphobe Diaries

I have been a germaphobe for as long as I can remember and it has probably only gotten worse as time has passed! I wash my hands around 20 times a day (honestly it's too many to count) and I suffer from what one of my best friends and I like to call BHS (bleeding hand syndrome) because they get so dry from all of the washing that they BLEED!

My hand washing process has definitely gotten better but used to include pulling up my sleeves in order to wash up to my elbows. My family LOVED to make fun of me and ask what surgery I was scrubbing in for. Hilarious, mom! Thankfully I've weaned away from that extreme and my skin is very happy that I did :D

Oh, and another weird fact about me that doesn't make any sense at all in light of my germaphobia... I rode horses for most of my life. I curried their muck covered coats, picked out their hooves, and rolled around in the dirt every time I fell off their backs, but still managed to garble down pizza with my filthy hands while braiding manes in the stable. It just never bothered me. No. sense. at. all.

So yes I am one of those girls you see carrying around hand sanitizer and using it every chance she gets. After touching doorknobs, typing on random keyboards, and when I can't remember when I sanitized last. If you haven't noticed me using hand sanitizer, you probably haven't been around me much.

The problem with being a germaphobe and using hand sanitizer all the time (besides the obvious psychological reasons) is that hand sanitizer primarily smell BAD! Like tar mixed with rubbing alcohol with a smidge of apple. Ummmm... EW!

Thankfully, there's an app for that. Just kidding, but one company managed to solve my problems with the best smelling hand sanitizer ever.



No, not everyone as in every person. Everyone as in the brand! Love life. Live clean. That's their motto and they stick to it by only using harmless ingredients. They believe that products you put on your skin are just as important as what goes into your mouth. That's one of the reasons why Everyone develops and manufactures their own products so that they can know every ingredient that goes into each one. Everyone!

Everyone products are all natural and plant-based. They're GMO free, synthetic fragrance free, cruelty free, and gluten free! They're also organic, and most of their packaging is made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic. And did I mention their packaging is S'CUTE?!


The Smell?

Heavenly! I use the coconut and lemon scent and it smells like sippin lemonade on your front porch mixed with a pina colada on the beach. And yes I am excited for summer!

I've tried the peppermint citrus scent as well, but the coconut and lemon is where it's at. They come as a gel or spray, but I've only used the gel. The spray would be interesting if you wanted to sanitize someone else though! (Only joking people... Everyone!)

Oh, and another bonus... it's not sticky, slimy, or globby, and it dries pretty quickly! You only need a little amount and the smell lasts for awhile which normally for hand sanitizer would be a bad thing, but it in this case it is a very VERY good thing!


Where Can I Get One?!

Pick one up at Whole Foods! Whole Foods used to carry these pretty little bottles exclusively, but I've also noticed them recently in other organic mom and pop stores. MOM's Organic carries them which I am delighted about since I don't have a Whole Foods super close to me.

So if you're like me and have to have hand sanitizer on you 24/7 but don't want to smell like a hospital all the time, go out and pick up a bottle!