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Social Media Craze // Personal

I love social media. I really do. It inspires me, it keeps me updated on others I can't see on a regular basis, and it helps spread the word about my business. It can be an encouragement, a way to document precious memories, and a fun way to unwind after a long day. All good things! But I must say, recently, I've been convicted about my interaction and participation in social media. Something I think the Lord is teaching me personally, and maybe some of you can relate to as well. I'm not hear to bash social media and make a big stink about it-- simply just share my thoughts on how I'm personally pulling back a bit for the embitterment of my well being as a twenty something wife, photographer, and friend.

I have spent a lot of my sweet little time looking at social media wishing I had this or that or longing for what others seemed to have in their lives that I didn't have in mine. Not only that but producing images that appeared to be just as beautiful and "insta worthy" to make my life appear just as exciting. A draining process that can leave you feeling inadequet, unsatisfied, and restless.

And then the Lord says, Life is a crazy, messy, unglamorous journey, so how can you and others be genuinely sharing your life when you are only showing the perfectly composed and crafted moments? I've heard that social media portrays the best 5% of our lives and I think that there is some truth to that. Except for the brave souls that are willing to show the realities of life on their own little feeds. Now this isn't to say I'm going to start posting all the times where my hair hasn't been washed in a week or my house needs to be cleaned because who really cares. It just means that I'm being a lot more selective with what I'm posting. With my business it is a little tricky, because if I am posting pictures of my clients with funny faces and terrible lighting, who would want to book me?! I'm just trying to do my best at show casing my potential as a photographer and also not over-glamourizing my life to appear as something it simply is not.

The other way I've been controlling my interaction with social media is by checking my heart for the motive of why I am posting something. Is it because I am feeling down on myself and need affirmation? Then I shouldn't be posting. Is it because I want people to think I have the perfect house, husband, job, ect.? Then I shouldn't be posting. Is it because I want to share a truth about Jesus, showcase some images from my business, or document a special memory that I want to be able to look back on. OK! Post away! This has definitely helped me  filter what I post, and to be honest I went from posting almost every day to a couple times a week, which has been great change for me.

In order to beat the temptation to fuel my desire to want to know what is going on in everyone's life I've stopped following people. Plain and simple. If it's not in my feed I can't look at it.

I would love to have boundaries around times to be spending on social media, but I'm honestly just not there yet. One day. I'm still on my phone more than I would like to be, but I know it comes with time. I dream of a day where my social media time is filled with more scripture, more relaxation, and more spending time with the ones I love.

After all.. do I want my future kiddos to remember their mother as the one who was always twiddling away on her phone or the mother who loved to be involved in even the mundane parts of her children's lives? I'de prefer the second. It's a journey, but it's one worth fighting.

Happy Monday y'all!

<3 Kira