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How I Met Your Photographer // Personal


Hello Kira Nicole enthusiasts! I'm Kelsey, Kira's associate photographer. I am THRILLED to have the opportunity to take on families, newborns, and act as Kira's second shooter for weddings. In introducing myself, I feel like it's necessary to give you the back story of how I came to be a part of the Kira Nicole Photography team. Bare with me!

Kira and I are two peas in a pod when it comes to photography (#photogfriends), but this shared passion was actually unknown to the both of us when we first met almost three years ago! We met during a church trivia night in the summer of 2012 at a local bar and I remember thinking "Wow, that girl must be so cool. Look at that awesome tattoo!" To this day I continue to see Kira as one of the coolest.

So obviously the next step in our friendship was going on a Starbucks coffee date. I couldn't believe how open this girl was with her life. TMI does not exist with her! She had recently gotten married and wasn't afraid to spill the beans on the secrets to married life (even to a girl who is single and nowhere near marriage). Her honesty definitely struck me and is something I still admire.

Fast forward a year or so and let the photog stalking begin! Kira had just started her own photography business and in all truthfulness the little green eyed monster peaked it's ugly little head out inside of me. Her stuff was looking so good! And at this point photography was just a dream for me. I had taken a couple film photography courses in high school and college and LOVED every second of it, but didn't think becoming a professional photographer was in my future. Kira became my inspiration.

This past year has been a year of self discovery for me (more on that in another blog post) and part of that has been exploring my love for photography. In the midst of a recent degree switch, I decided to take a summer course in digital photography, the first photography course I had taken in several years. My eyes grew big thinking of all the different possibilities in capturing things from a new perspective or creating a story through a series of photographs. The creativity was just flowing! The critiques we did in class each week went from being absolutely horrifying to something I really looked forward to. I just wanted to keep growing and keep exploring. Queue Kira.

After grilling my professor about career paths for photographers (I frequently stayed after class to ask him an assortment of questions) he suggested wedding photography and finding an internship with a local one. I cornered Kira after church that next Sunday to ask her if I could shadow one of her shoots. She said bring your camera and see you Wednesday! The photog friendship began :D

Kira is an incredibly gracious person. In the creative community it can sometimes be difficult to find someone open to the idea of following them around, picking their brain, using their equipment, and practicing techniques they use, all free of charge. Now this is definitely understandable to me. After being in the business for only a few months, I can see that most of these things are not free. People pay a lot of money to learn the ropes in order to start off on the right foot. Not only that, but each person has his or her own creative process that makes him or her successful in their own way. Would you be willing to openly share your secrets to success with someone who could quite possibly become your competition? Like I said, GRACIOUS.

I tagged along with Kira to a newborn shoot that very week. It went well and I LOVED the experience of photographing a newborn. The very next thing she offered me was coming to second shoot a wedding with her. WHAT?! I asked her "Are you sure?!" Then she explained to me how she wished she had someone doing the same things for her: answering her questions, letting her follow them around, teaching her techniques... It's just usually hard to come by someone who is willing to do all of that. I mean, I would certainly get annoyed having myself follow me around nagging me about every little thing! GRACIOUS!

Second shooting was a success to say the least. Kira and I really clicked as a photog team (you'll get a kick out of watching us at a wedding) and we nicknamed ourselves k2 (#k2adventures). At this point the idea was still me apprenticing Kira in hopes of starting my own business. Secretly, I didn't want our little team to split!

On the way to one of our weddings--and actually the first wedding I was on my own shooting the groomsmen--Kira and I came up with the brilliant idea of bringing me on as an associate photographer. It was perfect! Kira was starting to get tied up balancing couples, weddings, families, and newborns and it was becoming difficult to take on more clients, so it was the perfect scenario for her to bring someone else on board! What a win-win situation!

So here I am and I can't express how excited I am to be a part of Kira Nicole Photography! I can't wait to meet every single one of you and help make your experience so, so special. We're going to have a blast!

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