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Meet Kira


Lead Photographer; specializing in couples and weddings

Headshot Kira Rogers

Fun Facts

  • I used to be a competitive figure skater, and I performed at the Carousel Hotel in Ocean City, MD for 2 summers!


  • You would never believe it, but I have 7 tattoos! Some I love, some not so much! That's what I get for starting the addiction at 18!


What I Love

  • Spending time with Jesus: I love to read scripture, worship, and spend time with fellow believers in community. I am basically fascinated by His presence!
  • My husband: We bonded over our passion for Christ and Redskins football and we've been married for almost 4 years now! I thought I loved him then, but going through life together as a team has made me appreciate him more than I can express. He is my number one fan and I couldn't do life or this business without him!

  • Our daughter, Callie girl! Her name means "the most beautiful gift from God" and she is exactly that! Her smiles, giggles, and baby snuggles make my heart at peace. She loves people more than her toys.. just like her mama and dada! We are so grateful for her.

  • Children; It's true that kids say the darndest things. I have the privilege of spending my weeks with my twin nieces and they are a hoot! They bring me so much joy!

  • Pizza & anything with cheese! I would do some crazy things to get my hand on a good slice of pizza! My favorite restaurant is California Pizza Kitchen.
  • Target! That store easily steals $20 from my wallet every time I go in there. I'm a simple styled gal, so Target always does the trick!

Kira and Cameron

I Believe

I believe in potential. I believe that every person has the potential to be and do something great. We are all gifted at something and it's up to us to tap into that and bring it to life. When I shoot I am always looking to make the ordinary extraordinary. Finding locations and backdrops and angles that most would pass by. I strive to bring my clients potential to life in my images as well. I absolutely love when a couple tells me they have never posed for anything before, and by the end of their session, they literally look and feel like models. We all have that potential! After losing my dad unexpectedly this past year, I understand the importance of having pictures to remember memories that I shared with him. That is why I have a passion for photography, because it's more than just pictures, it's memories that are being captured. The way I document memories, is by building relationships with my clients, relationships that go beyond the couple of hours we spend with each other.  My goal is to create new friendships and to help you feel comfortable and confident behind the camera, yielding images you will treasure forever. 

Kira and Callie
"I praise you because I am fearfully & wonderfully made; your works are wonderful I know that full well." -Psalm 139:14

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